Buy Telegram Accounts

In this case you can buy telegram accounts cheap and fast with credit card, PayPal and Crypto. buy telegram number and virtual telegram accounts


In this case you can buy telegram accounts cheap and fast with credit card, PayPal and Crypto as many as you wish.

Usages of Virtual Telegram Accounts

Telegram is one of the best applications for marketing and increasing your sales. The power of the virtual numbers will be shown when you need too many telegram accounts and it will be so much helpful.

Here is some of the telegram accounts usages:

Buy telegram account For mass messaging

This accounts are ready to send messages to others. by having some of this accounts you can promote your business on telegram and each account can send about 30 messages. for example if you want to send messages to 1000 telegram users, you have to buy 35 telegram accounts and start your promotion.

Telegram accounts for adding members

That’s amazing, you can use this accounts to add fake members in telegram channels and groups without any limitations.

For example if you buy 1000 telegram accounts, you will be able to add 1000 subscribers in your telegram channels and each account can be join in 500 channel or group.

Telegram number for shill messages

As you know one of the best solutions for marketing is shilling messages on telegram groups. you can promote your business in telegram groups through this accounts and increase your audience as well.

Also you can create fake conversations in your telegram groups and bring more trust for your branding. for example account x will say “Hi” and account Y will say “i want to use your services”

buy telegram number online

One of the important advantages of the telegram account is you can access to them so fast and they are so cheap. to buy SimCard you have to verify yourself and pay so much costs that telegram accounts haven’t this extra fees.

You can buy telegram number online and you don’t need to search for any operator or no need any physical SimCard.